Thursday, November 1, 2007

Richard Benyon MP should apologise to the House of Commons

Julian Swift-hook, Councillor for Greehmam, West Berkshire and Newbury Town Council, writes in today's Newbury Weekly News:

I wholeheartedly commend the honesty of Adrian Edwards, the mayor of Newbury Town Council, in admitting that the leader of Newbury Town Council, Ian Grose, had made it 'quite clear' that he supported the idea of a welcome reception for troops returning from Iraq.

Given that he and MP Richard Benyon are both Conservatives, he was just as honest when he admitted: "I was very surprised when he (Mr Benyon) made a comment like that."

Now that the truth is out, why has Mr Benyon not apologised, first to Dr Grose for gratuitously insulting him without having bothered to check first what he really thought about the issue, and, secondly to the House of Commons, for having misled them as to Dr Grose's views.

Full details are on my previous post about this.

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