Saturday, November 10, 2007

Brown adviser: Not much difference between Tories and Labour

Sir Ronald Cohen is a long-term supporter of Gordon Brown and has given £1.8 million to the Labour party since 2001. He says there is "no longer much difference between the two (Tory and Labour) parties".

Well, he said it. It also speaks volumes that someone who has given so much money to the Labour party should be so relaxed about the prospect of David Cameron as Prime Minister - he knows there would be little difference from today.

I am amazed to read that David Cameron will say tonight on Parkinson, in respect to his relationship with Gordon Brown, that "We just don't agree about big things, about the future of our country and how we should run things .."

What utter cobblers! The biggest thing they seem to disagree on at the moment is who thought of the Inheritance Tax change first. That's hardly the political equivalent of tectonic plates pressing up against each other, is it?!

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