Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How much tax payers' money is being used to update Wikipedia with suspect information?

Many thanks to Darren Grover, who has given me a new hobby: Looking up IP addresses of visitors to my site to see what edits they have done on Wikipedia.

Don't worry, I have only done it with three IP addresses, and don't intend to do it with any more.

I tried two IP addresses which have been used to carry out searches on my blog for a certain MP. One of these IP addresses belongs to a certain district council and has been banned from making edits on Wikipedia for a year for "vandalizing" entries including.

The second IP address belongs to the House of Commons. According to Bloggerheads it is one of the most frequent editors of Wikipedia. Indeed, I found 1557 edits listed under this address!

Just think: both these IP addresses are publicly funded. You begin to wonder what proportion of our taxes is going to update Wikipedia with dodgy information.

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