Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why I am still backing Chris Huhne!

Yes, I posted a remarkably laudatory write-up on Nick Clegg today. It was so nice to get reams of comments from Charles Anglin and co. thanking me for this posting. ;-)

Also today I gave a donation to Chris Huhne's campaign and I'll be doing an hour or so's work for his campaign later. So, in case anyone wondered, I am still whole-heartedly backing Chris. I have known him as a very active MEP for our area for several years and he is the candidate I am most comfortable with. In particular, I am "in business" myself and therefore I have a great affinity with Chris' business record. I also value his seasoned journalistic experience which I think has shone through in his campaign this time.

With regard to the Politics Show, I look forward to Chris using his sharp elbows, as displayed a little over-zealously and a smidgeon misguidedly on that programme, on the Tories and Labour when elected. I accept that the briefing document was a cock-up, that Chris has apologised for it and Nick has accepted that apology and that it was not a good episode for the party. We should move on.

Partly because of the soured atmosphere around Sunday and partly because of people whose opinions I value (eg Nich Starling) making comments, I felt the time was right to write an adulteratedly positive posting about Nick, albeit with a prescription for a "chill pill" for him. It was especially to give credit where credit is due - I was really impressed by him yesterday. I have felt a lot better today having done the posting.

I may be developing "two brains" but in a party contest there is absolutely no room for anything else other than making it absolutely clear that I would prefer Chris, but will work just as hard for the party with an equally uplifted heart, if Nick is elected.

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