Saturday, November 10, 2007

Come off it Jonathan Calder, I'm only setting up another blog!

Jonathan Calder has written about my decision to split into two blogs. I am most grateful for his plugs. He says that he is not going to follow suit because:

...if Liberalism is to remain a vital political philosophy then it must have something to say about wider culture as well as what goes on at Westminster. A hundred years ago, when the Liberal Party was a party of government, there were Liberal philosophers, Liberal intellectuals and even Liberal novelists.

First of all, I don't expect anyone to follow suit. I am doing it because I feel like it. I write up to ten blog posts a day and very often these are about personal hobbies or whatever, and I just felt like putting them on a separate blog. In fact, those posts tend to be the less read ones when I posted them here.

That way, I can concentrate on my hobbies on one blog and politics on another. They were starting to become uncomfortable bedfellows. For example, my Last FM playlist box jostled uncomfortably with the LibDem video box. Telling people about raking up apples in my garden didn't seem to gel with slagging off David Cameron.

But if you follow through Jonathan's logic, he seems to be saying that if someone chooses to set up another blog they are somehow watering down liberalism.

For goodness sake, I'm only setting up another blog on a different URL! It's only a click away.

It is a great shame that my other blog can't be added to the LibDem aggregator. ...Something about one name only being able to have one blog against it. If we want to make sure Liberalism in all its facets is displayed on it would be nice if an accomodation could be found.

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