Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No, Nick has not won in the email battle with Chris

Both emails were sent out by the central party organisation, not the candidates' teams (see imprint below which was on both emails)

I received them both, one minute after the other, in my main inbox. Apparently, according to the Toddster, Some ridiculously over-sensitive spam filters may have put Chris' in the filter file due its use of the appalling phrase "Dear friend".

So in that sense, Chris' team are guilty of using a phrase used by thousands of LibDem campaigners before them. Terrible incompetence isn't it?

Published and promoted by and on behalf of Liberal Democrats, 4 Cowley Street, London, SW1P 3NB, (020) 7222 7999. Dispatched (printed) by Connectpoint Direct, 19B Quay Street, Manchester M3 3HN.

As part of the Liberal Democrats leadership election, the party is sending out emails on behalf of the candidates to all voting members for whom there is an email address in our membership records.

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