Thursday, November 22, 2007

Would this happen in any other party?

I am getting loads of hits from being featured very prominently on Nick Clegg's web site. This is for my laudatory piece entitled: Nick Clegg - potentially a great leader of our party.
This is despite being a fervent supporter of Chris Huhne and being, some might say, an outspoken critic of Nick Clegg's public speaking and other aspects of his platform.
Would this sort of magniminity and kissy-cuddly behaviour happen in any other party during a toughly fought leadership contest?
I think not.
As Alix said, fluffy bunnies have been released over the LibDem blogosphere.
However, there are limits to this sort of good humour. After much consideration, I have decided that it is still far too early to embed a link to a You Tube video of Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff's triumphant "pistol-packin'" role in an Academy award winning film from 1953. ......the wound is just far too raw at the moment!
Whip crack-away if you want to - I'm keeping schtum!

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