Friday, November 23, 2007

Thatcher: Is there any politician so terrifying?

Don't get me wrong. I met Maggie T and she seemed a nice lady. And of course, the title is provocative. There are and have been much more terrifying politicians abroad, but not many in Blighty.

I had the privilege to have a nose round the first floor landing of Portcullis House on Monday. They have some remarkable portraits of politicians there. Something for everyone, of all persuasions. I paused by Paddy, Shirl the Whirl, Charlie and Cyril Smith.

I also indulged myself in my guilty secret - my admiration for Harold Wilson. I paused by his lovely, typically blokey portrait.

But then I saw the portrait of our Mags. Crikey. It sent a shiver down my spine. A sharp blue background and a striking white suit, with a piercing expression on her face.

I walked on quickly, and tried to wipe the image from my memory as quickly as possible.

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