Sunday, November 11, 2007

iPhone: Heart versus head?

The Norfolk Blogger writes pithily and authoritatively on the iPhone:

So expect the new Apple product next year to be prefixed with the letter "i" and have an Apple badge on it which will ensure it sells in massive numbers. Yes, I can reveal the next product from Apple is the Apple iDog Turd.

Stephen Fry in the Guardian gives the opposite view, anticipating all the points which NB makes:

Proud techie owners of rival devices can say: "What, only a 2-meg camera? What, no GPS? What, no 3G? What, no video? What, no third party applications?" What, no Sim card swapping?" A whole heap of what no-ing can be done.

Needless to say, Fry concludes that the iPhone is a "must have". Indeed, he has had one for six months. He bought it via a US billing address he has and then used it via international roaming in the UK. That's like burning ten pound notes!

Also, bear in mind that Fry has, at the last count, 17 iPods. It's very doubtful that he properly uses all these devices. It would take an age to load them, for a start.

No wonder they love him down the Tottenham Court road in all those electronics shops!

Full marks to the man. He works very hard and is a "national treasure". He deserves his "highs" from geekery.

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