Friday, November 30, 2007

Huhne hits media pay dirt

We are constantly saying that the LibDems' biggest problem is getting media attention.

Well, ahem, we are now being treated to a masterclass on how to get media attention from Chris Huhne.

Chris Huhne has been all over the media like a rash in the last 72 hours, taking the government to task on Donor-gate. By judiciously "bagging" the role of formally asking the police for an inquiry, he has ensured a media "pay dirt" time for the LibDems and himself.

Fraser Nelson on the Spectator Coffee House blog observes:

The ability to jump on a news issue is a key skill required for a Lib Dem leader, and (Huhne is) demonstrating his credentials here. Where on earth is Nick Clegg? Where is his campaign? If he's not careful, winning the Spectator/Threadneedle newcomer of the year awards really will be the highlight of his year...I've just come out of a Radio Scotland phone-in I agreed to do ages ago. It was a good laugh, sparring with taxi drivers and MSPs. And then: "we're now joined by Chris Huhne who joins us on his mobile from the back of a cab in London". The man is inexhaustible.

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