Monday, November 26, 2007

Nick Clegg: The New Gandhi!

Blimey! We are truly blessed!

"Volunteer adviser" to Nick Clegg's leadership campaign, Nicholas Blincoe comments thus under his breath-takingly mean-spirited article on Comment is Free:

Clegg is Ghandi-esque (sic) to his core.

We are not worthy!

Thanks to Jonathan Calder and James Graham.

UPDATE: "Volunteer adviser" is how Nicholas Blincoe was described on the Guardian Comment is Free profile page for him at the time he wrote the comment above. Richard Allan, from Nick Clegg's campaign has since made clear that Mr Blincoe is not an adviser to the campaign and has asked Mr Blincoe to amend his Guardian profile. I note that Mr Blincoe wrote a similarly scathing article a week or so ago but his profile remained unamended.

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