Thursday, November 15, 2007

Question Time - blogospheric reaction so far

Burble Towers was up and running at 5.30am this morning due to early Friday swimming! I tried to get back to sleep but gave up in the end.

The BBC's Question Time web site should have comments from the public (on last night's programme) later this morning. That'll be interesting.

Tom Papworth has written a typically thoughtful and informed reflection on the programme. I am particularly interested in his comments on schools funding.

Linda Jack :-) shares drip trays with me ;-) - mine on account of CH, hers on account of NC. "Clegg draws first blood" she says. I thought Haloween was a couple of weeks ago.... ;-) (Notice I am putting in lots of ;-)s and :-)s because we've all got to work together afterwards). Linda says: "The word on the street is that Nick completely won this one." Of course, Linda, of course. Well done. ;-) :-) :-) Well done for being out canvassing so late! I hope you didn't get reported for stalking or something! ;-) ;-)

There is a superb open thread on Liberal Democrat Voice here which gives a blow-by-blow "live blog" commentary on the programme and reaction from readers. Well done LDV!

Nich Starling - Good Morning Nich, how are you? ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-) ;-) - writes a very interesting piece on the programme entitled: "The Great Debate - Huhne "edges" it - just":

As Nick said towards the end "Sometimes similarity is a good thing." In this case, I agree. Either of them would make a great leader.

Peter Black reflects on the past leadership ins and outs and hopes optimistically that this contest will draw a line under the whole unfortunate business.

Simon Goldie (who is an independent blogger (I think) who is head of Communications at the Institute of Taxation and who says he has decided to vote for Nick Clegg) writes:

Both candidates were equally impressive and a touch disappointing. The problem for them is that they agree on so much they need to find ways to differentiate themselves. The most telling comments came when the candidates were asked to describe the most positive things about their opponent. Huhne said that Clegg was warm and engaging while Clegg described Huhne as thoughtful and an expert on policy. The Liberal Democrats must decide what it needs more.

Wit and Wisdom remains a "Cleggie" and says Chris comes across as ruthless and is long-winded.

Jonathan Calder on Liberal England says that "Huhne wins on points":

Does it matter?I think it does, because Nick Clegg's unique selling proposition in this campaign is that he is the "Great Communicator".On the evidence of this evening's programme, Chris Huhne is at least as good a communicator.

Charlotte Gore, a fellow recovering user of the communual LibDem drip tray with me ;-) ;-) says:

Who won? First half Chris, second half Nick. Chris was consistent throughout while Nick started fairly ho-hum and ended on a blazing finish.

Mat Bowles (cor blimey - if only I had hair like that! Jealous or what?) notes that he was up with "Jennie" and contributing to the LibDem Voice open thread, which he did with knobs on.

Richard Huzzey on LibDems for Chris says "LibDem Voice readers: Chris wins debate"

Joe Taylor on On Liberty, Online says "Nick shaded it" but obviously had a rather fraught time watching the programme because his post is entitled, simply, "Phew".

Bernard Salmon gives some scores! Oh, we do love that Bernard!:

My scores on the doors were: Vision - Clegg 7, Huhne 8; Detail - Clegg 8, Huhne 9; Charisma - Clegg 8, Huhne 7; Passion/forcefulness - Clegg 7, Huhne 8; Pressure - Clegg 6, Huhne 9. Totals: Clegg 36, Huhne 41.

Toby Philpott (I am beginning to regret starting this - I didn't realise there was so much reaction out there!) is Cleggish:

I think Nick came out ahead purely and simply as he was able to relate his experience directly to issues that concern the majority of voters, but I would say that wouldn't I?

Ah, yes, the old Mandy Rice-Davies thingyme, not often, to be fair, used in a self-descriptory sense, which is a credit to Mr Philpott. I'm babbling. Sorry.

Oh and er, Chris Paul says: "Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg: Pants, Pants, Pants, Pants". I think he's warming to us.

So, there you are, a vast survey of reaction including non-LibDem corners of the Blogowhatemy, completed well before John Humphrys has had his first explosion of the day. That's what happens when you have a ten year old who goes hell-for-leather on swimming.

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