Friday, November 23, 2007

The excitement of a three member Liberal household

Things are going to be interesting over the next few days here at Burble Towers. Our three ballot papers arrived yesterday. Of course, I immediately marked my "1" against Huhne and sent it off.

The other two members of the household are what could be described as "more normal" members. When I asked what was in the post, the executive comptroller of Burble Towers remarked "Just rubbish".

"Just rubbish"! These are hallowed ballot papers which will be independently examined by the Eletoral Reform Society electoral services doobrie-feature thingy!

As I am a Liberal, after all, I don't coax or prod. The two remaining ballot papers will lie on the dining room until finally the other two see fit to look at them, probably during one of the periodic "clear-outs" that we have. I will let them get on with it and then casually enquire how they voted after the ballot papers are safely in the post.

It's all very Liberal isn't it?

Last time we ended up giving our first preferences three different ways, thereby cancelling ourselves out!

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