Monday, November 19, 2007

Nick Clegg up close

I've just come back from an interview with Nick Clegg by a LibDems bloggers' panel. It was a big privilege to be part of the panel. Thanks very much to Nick for his time, to the Millennium Elephant for presiding over it and to his Daddy Richard for organising it.

I was lucky enough to sit next to Nick and see him answering the questions at close quarters. He is remarkably impressive - extremely articulate, very knowledgeable and with an obvious passion - impatience even - for the LibDems to do better. He has an interest in, and great passion for, a very wide range of subjects.

Now that I have been part of the bloggers' panels interviewing both candidates, I can confirm that, as a party, we are remarkably fortunate in having two absolutely first class leadership candidates on offer.

I will be doing some postings based on points from the interview in my usual "bite-size" chunks over the next day or so.

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