Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Huhne wipes the floor with Clegg on Newsnight

As a declared and joyously enthusiastic Huhne supporter (but who still, never the less, very magnanimously made a posting about Clegg yesterday that was so positive that it was linked to at the top of Clegg's campaign web site), I was mightily impressed by Chris' performance on Newsnight.

All right, Clegg won the opening gambit thingy but that was a rehearsed set piece. Huhne made a good pitch but hadn't worked out where to look.

But from that point there was something simple going on, and a viewer would have to be mentally retarded not to notice it:

On the left hand Cleggie side of the screen we were getting combustible flare-ups between Clegg and Paxman. These included at least two instances where Clegg exploded. Lots of heat but precious little light. Clegg had not taken his full prescription of chill pills.

On the right hand screen Chris Huhne was passionately but calmly and loudly getting his point across. Controlled and authoritative passion.

On immigration, Clegg just squeaked it. But otherwise, on every item Huhne managed to get more passion and substance across without this silly fireworks display which we got from Clegg.

This is precisely the sort of forum which will make up people's minds during the general election and it is clear than Huhne is the master of it.

Oh and - don't even think about it.

And Charles Anglin - don't come here with your violin case, you haven't thanked me for yesterday's post yet!

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