Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let's keep things in proportion

I've just watched the Politics Show. I was expecting a televisual Armageddon, from some of the Blog posts I saw this afternoon.

I am glad the document at the centre of the debate has been withdrawn and apologised for.

In terms of the debate on the programme, I thought Chris kept his cool and validly questioned Nick on some of his positions. We're all grown-ups. It is valid to ask about policy positions which have been a little hazy.

I read through all the comments about the programme on LibDem Voice and was impressed by these from Mike Smithson and Alex Wilcock:

Mike Smithson:

This was a great debate and good television. There is a real fight going on with strong passions on both sides.
I think the party comes out of it well - just compare the passion today with Brown’s coronation because he did not have the guts to face a proper contest. All leaders should have to fight for their positions and in the process it makes them stronger.
On a general level I am still waiting to see an example of Nick “good communication skills”. Today he spoke far too quickly and his voice got squeaky. He isn’t a patch on Cameron.
My view of Chris was enhanced by the way he kept his cool when the “Calamity Chris” leaflet was produced. Whoever wins has got to be able to cope with things like that

Alex Wilcock:

Just an observation: I found Chris’ attack offputting earlier. But looking across the blogs this afternoon, while I’ve been nodding at the Chris supporters who’re feeling put off him, I’m finding the glee amongst Nick’s supporters – who throughout this contest have been far more negative than Chris’ – much more offputting and far more hysterical than the behaviour they’re crowing about.
Nick had the upper hand earlier today: Chris must be very relieved that the nastiness is now on the other foot. I’ve not seen a single blogger for Chris saying they couldn’t live with a Nick Leadership, nor a single blogger for Chris saying Nick should be left out of the Shadow Cabinet. That sort of negative hysteria against Chris now seems all the rage, and to floating voters like me makes me far more inclined to side with him against Nick’s horrible mob.

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