Thursday, November 8, 2007

Score: 3-1 to Chris Huhne on the email front

Nich Starling, bless him, appears to have woken up from a little snooze. He reckons that because a few people's spam settings are set-up so ridiculously sensitively that they put emails with the words "Dear friend" in a filter file means that the score is 1-0 to Nick Clegg in the field of emails.

I always thought scores were kept for the whole match - not just the last few minutes of play?

Therefore, the score must be at least 3-1 to Chris Huhne given this little debacle, or perhaps we should say COMPLETE BALLS-UP, by Team Clegg to which Nich Starling, bless him (again), seems blithely oblivious.

"Welcome to Team Clegg" mails were sent to hundreds of people including me and party officers and then there was an additional bit of a snafu with duplicated apologies of the highly grovelling variety.

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