Monday, November 12, 2007

EU Pie in the sky

It seems very weird that the EU is planning to set up a civilian navigation system in the sky, via upgraded sateillites. It really seems strange that they are getting involved in such an area while other more essential areas are crying out for cash.

I would ask: "What is wrong with the current systems in place?" But the response would be: "Ah well, if you're driving along the A1 and want to get to Acacia Avenue in West Pontefract, as opposed to Acacia Road in East Pontefract...." etc etc

But surely most of the faults in SatNav are in the software or the data load - not in the sateillite connection?

SatNav is not so important that it should be upgraded through a vast EU-funded project. It's ridiculous. If SatNav doesn't work we can use maps - or our heads.

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