Wednesday, November 21, 2007

UPDATED: The Times asks: Is Nick Clegg that good?

I declare, Duncan, that I am Huhne supporter and if you want something really positive about Clegg written by me, I commend you to this.

Danny Finkelstein in the Times, observes Nick Clegg's performance in the furnace of the leadership campaign:

Yes, er well no, hang on, or, sorry.” Thus Nick Clegg under a little light questioning on television a few days back, moments after he started an answer with the fateful words: “Let me be very clear...”

Now, “Yes, er well no, hang on, or, sorry” may not up there with “Time for a Change” or “Labour isn't Working” but I think it might make a rather good slogan for Mr Clegg's leadership campaign. Certainly it would be a pretty good summary of what we have seen so far.

UPDATE: I apologise that, due to rushing this post as I was about to leave for work, I quoted the personal bit of DaFink's article without alluding to the bulk of the article which referred to criticism of Nick being too timid in policy terms during the campaign and the need to challenge the party to move to get a mandate to change. I am sorry about this. There are indeed such criticisms in the full article linked above.

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