Thursday, November 22, 2007

Come in John Howard, your time is up!!

The offending leaflet
Oh dear, dear, dear.
There was me saying that we bloggers love to see a head tumbling into the basket, and, my goodness me, it seems that we can look forward with relish to seeing the head of one John Howard hitting the cane work in the next few days!
Thanks to One Hour ahead for highlighting this report in the Guardian. It seems that the Australian Liberal Party (no relation) has been caught red-handed delivering fake leaflets falsely purporting to come from the "Islamic Australia Federation", calling on Muslims to vote for the opposition Labour Party.
Howard has made it clear the stunt was not authorised by his party, but the damage has been immense. With only two days to go before the country goes to the polls, it overshadowed the prime minister's final rallying call to voters today asking them to trust him with Australia's future.
I speculated the other day on John Howard's "search for a scapegoat" - but it appears that the old Howard scapegoat trick has at last run out of steam.

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