Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quaequam Blog! excels

Cor blimey, James Graham writes an excellent post here, including a reference to Buggles in the title "Nick Clegg: video killed the media star?".

James puts into writing something I thought but didn't blog about, that the Guardian's leader yesterday which came out for Clegg "failed to give a good reason why".

James points to a Times article which I hadn't seen. It's from Danny Finkelstein, commenting on the Question Time debate:

Clegg is an intelligent and charming man, which is why journalists generally like him, but he seemed lightweight and uncomfortable last night. He hadn’t very good lines to take and his position on Trident (almost the only substantive thing he said) is incoherent.

James concludes:

This is serious stuff for Nick Clegg. Being “telegenic” has up until now been his biggest USP. It isn’t any more. He’d better manage to knock up something bloody spectacular on the Politics Show later today or his big mo will start to sink like a stone.

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