Thursday, November 15, 2007

Question Time

It was very good to see the two leadership candidates given a whole Question Time on their own, or at least with David Dimbleby.

Nick Clegg seemed ten times more relaxed and passionate "on the box" tonight than he did in Bristol earlier this week. I think having David Dimbleby to "spark him off" must have helped. He was particularly impassioned on the question of coalitions. I was much more comfortable seeing him standing at a lectern than doing this damn silly David Cameron-style "roaming".

Chris Huhne had some particularly passionate bursts, especially on Trident and the economy.

I recall that question Jeremy Paxman asked Charles Kennedy about whether he drank on his own late at night. It was skin-crawling, and a "stepping over the line". I thought we approached that sort of moment when the candidates were asked about their children's education. Nick Clegg having to say how his three year old and five year old are educated, at a nursery and a primary school, is really not something we should be putting politicians, or more relevantly their children, through.

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