Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tory big gun attacks Rifkind's English plan

I think it's fair to David Trimble as a "Tory big gun". He sits in the Lords, is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and joined the Conservative party a while ago.

He has attacked Maclcolm Rifkind's English Grand Committee plan. Trimble, of course, speaks for Northern Ireland. Indeed, apart from one councillor, he is the only Conservative public representative from Northern Ireland.

He makes a strong attack:

'There is an unfairness about the way parts of England, for example, receive less money than, say, Scotland,' he said. 'I fully understand English frustration. But I believe in there being one sovereign parliament for the United Kingdom, and that parliament is in Westminster. There should be equality of representation for all of its members. To limit that would mean it is no longer the one sovereign parliament for all the UK.'

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