Saturday, November 17, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: New film in new cinema in Newbury

(That's enough "news" - Ed)

It might sound hum-drum but it's fairly earth-shattering if you live in Newbury. I have just come back from the first public screening of a new film in Newbury for nine years. The last mainstream cinema showing new films closed in 1998. We've had to travel to Basingstoke or elsewhere to see new films since then. There is meant to be a cinema on its way (the history of the "search for a multi-screen" could fill a book of Tolstoy proportions).

Today I saw "Michael Clayton" in the new Screen One cinema in the Corn Exchange. The cinema itself is excellent - very comfortable seats and a nice big screen.

And my goodness me, what a great film to open the new cinema! George Clooney setting the world to rights as only he can.

Clooney gives a gripping performance in the title role. Tom Wilkinson (from "The Full Monty") is wonderful. And I thought Sidney Pollack was great - he played a very endearing boss for Clayton.

It's the type of film you want to go back and see again.

In its review of the film, Future Movies says:

Another contender for the award season, surely, and a fantastic turn from Clooney.

Even Rotten Tomatoes gives it a good review.

(All right - I know "newish" would be a better description for Michael Clayton, having been released in the UK on 29th September - but we're going from famine to feast here in Newbury).

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