Thursday, November 1, 2007

Police guilty in de Menezes case

Hallejujah! At last a small part of the civilised ethos of this country has been restored.

From the moment I heard the news of the de Menezes shooting, I have been deeply troubled by this case. A young man who optimistically came to this country, shot seven times in public for no reason other than he emerged from a block of flats under police observation. It was utterly repulsive. So, I am relieved that at last some sort of justice has been done, albeit under health and safety regulations - although that's a big bit of justice - you can't be operating safely if an innocent young man gets shot seven times with no questions asked.

I still think that this country has lots to be ashamed of in regard to this shooting and its aftermath, but at least a small part of recompense has come with today's judgment.

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