Friday, November 2, 2007

My new entertainment, music, beer, whisky, sport and goodness knows what else blog

Receiving my 60,000th visitor here seems a good time to separate my political thoughts from other random thoughts on the world of entertainment, sport and the like. I have been suffering from a sort of split personality syndrome. My thoughts on GMTV sofa appearances, Hollywood, beer, rugby and Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip always seemed to sit uncomfortably besides treatises on the Single Transferrable Vote, the West Lothian Question and such like.

So, I will now concentrate on politics here at Liberal Burblings. I will fulminate and cogitate on matters to do with TV, Showbus, sport, beer and the like on my new blog: Hit by a thought.

So far, I have been Hit by a thought twice, once on the subject of Heather Mills' amazing rant on GMTV this week, and secondly on the subject of the extraordinary likeness between Daniel Radcliffe and Matthew Tait, as evidenced particularly by the latter's appearance as a presenter at the National Television Awards this week.

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