Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chris Huhne: Strategy and the air war

This is the first "bitesize" post about the bloggers' interview with Chris Huhne earlier today.

Chris is quite clear that we have to ditch the "incremental" strategy which has dominated LibDem thinking for so long. Instead we need to have a clear target and a "business plan" to meet that target.

He is thinking big. Getting the liberal voice as part of the "national narrative". Most essentially building credibility to unlock the 40-45% of the country who regard themselves as "liberal" and who would vote for us if they think we would win.

His aim is to break through and exceed the 1983 share of the vote for the alliance.

Our goal, he says, should be that no government can be formed in future without us being considered as a partner.

With respect to the "air war" I was impressed by his aim to reduce our policies to just one or two "defining messages" which can then be "rammed home in a very repetitive way".

He said we need to identify those "wedge issues" which will separate Tory and Labour voters towards us. We need to raise more money, be more ambitious and go over the "tipping point", he says.

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