Monday, November 5, 2007

Tories on immigration - the grassroots are revolting

David Cameron still hasn't condemned Hastilow's remarks about Enoch Powell. I am still waiting. The Times reports that Cameron is facing a backlash from local Tories in the West Midlands:

David Cameron faces a grassroots clash as local Tories rally around a candidate who was forced to quit for saying that Enoch Powell was right about immigration.

Nigel Hastilow resigned as candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis rather than withdraw his remark on immigration, made in a local newspaper article. Senior members of his local association told The Times yesterday that he had been unfairly treated and raised the prospect that they would refuse to accept his resignation.

Meanwhile, the Independent reports:

David Cameron faced further embarrassment today after Tory activists produced leaflets making lurid predictions about the scale of immigration and claiming that newcomers jumped hospital waiting lists.

The leaflets were distributed in the West Midlands borough where the Tory parliamentary candidate Nigel Hastilow was forced to resign after insisting that Enoch Powell was right on immigration. Labour said the language proved that grassroots members were continuing to whip up hostility to immigrants in defiance of Mr Cameron's promises to root out racism.

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