Sunday, November 4, 2007

The real Tory party stands up (2)

Earlier today I blogged about the Tory Halesowen PPC who said Enoch Powell was right when he talked about "rivers of blood". If that wasn't enough to blow apart David Cameron plea for moderate language when dealing with matters of immigration, Adrian Sanders regales us with another of example of the real Tory party escaping from its bunker:

I thought the Tories were supposed to have changed but we keep seeing examples of immoderate and uncareful language despite Cameron's protestations.

Just take this from my local paper this week reporting a debate on traveller sites which are a legal requirement under the Housing Act.

Torbay Tory Cllr Stuart John said people were generally tolerant of the gypsy life-style and accepted travelling was a lifestyle choice, but he said: "Will people take advantage of this and will we create a problem which doesn't exist?"

Since when has being a gypsy been a lifestyle choice?

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