Monday, November 5, 2007

Iain Dale, Maidstone, the "dog whistle" and round spherical objects

Those first three phrases/words are guaranteed to attract the attention of the Dalester!

There's an interesting exchange on Hopi Sen's A blog from the back room:

So a Tory PPC has responded to the dog whistle of his leader by barking a little too loudly.

Not really a surprise, was it?

Then there’s the reaction. With that Maidstone selection coming up Iain Dale ties himself in knots so he can avoid condemming Hastilow and avoid condeming his removal. (Hastilow’s problem was that he’d attacked William Hague? Err no, Iain. His problem was that he’d said Enoch was right and immigrants get given red carpet treatment.)

The comments are fascinating. They include a reference to round spherical objects by Monsieur Dale.

Tom Watson comments:

Iain Dale swears at Hopi Sen. You’ve only got to mention the word “Maidstone” these days and the poor fellow flies off the handle.

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