Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The breathtaking disgrace of Labour's continued support for Miranda Grell

Brett on Harry's Place says it all:

The local Waltham Forest paper is reporting that the national Labour Party has agreed to fund Miranda Grell's appeal against her conviction after she smeared a rival as a paedophile.
For more details, see
my post from yesterday.

The thing is, even what she admitted to doing - telling voters that her LibDem rival, Barry Smith, was gay and had a teenage Thai boyfriend when she knew Smith's partner was actually 39 and Malaysian - is bad enough to warrant the party distancing herself from her. It is clear that she was playing into a regrettably popular prejudice that gay men have paedophile tendencies, and the invocation of a fake "Thai" boyfriend twenty years younger than Smith's real partner's age was transparently to gain an electoral advantage from this prejudice.

Even her running-mate testified against her and said she had "a disgusting attitude".

So why is the national Labour Party backing this behaviour?

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