Friday, May 8, 2009

Scottish Labour MP claimed 5p for carrier bag at Ikea...Male Tory MP claimed for Tampax!

Oh goodness me. We're getting an avalanche of expenses minutiae now...this list is from the Evening Standard. Why would a male Tory MP need Tampax?!

Ikea carrier bag: bought for 5p by Scottish Labour MP.
Chocolate Santa Claus: 59p - claimed in 2006 by a Welsh Labour MP.
Pizza cutter: £3 from the Bodum shop in
Oxfordshire for a Tory backbencher.
Jellied eels: bought for £1.31 and claimed by an Essex MP.
Ant killer: £3.99 at
Homebase for a north of England Conservative MP.
Ginger Crinkle biscuits: 67p, for a Labour MP in 2007.
Potato peeler: £4.50, for a Tory MP.
Cesar dog food: two tins of chicken and turkey flavour 78p, claimed by female Tory MP.
Illuminated Revlon make-up mirror: bought from
John Lewis by a female Labour MP for £19.95.
Jaffa Cakes: two packs, at a cost of £1.60, charged by a junior minister.
Lavatory brush holder: £9.99, claimed by a male Liberal Democrat MP.
Horse manure: £10 a bag and bought by a Tory MP for his country home.
Maltesers: the 45p bag was part of bill from Focus DIY by a Labour MP.
Tampax: two packets, at £1.11 each, bought by male Tory MP who lost his seat in 2005.
Ice cube tray: £1.50 from M&S for a former Labour Cabinet member.
Kit Kat: £2.50, from the minibar of the Sherlock Holmes Hotel in London, for a female MP.

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