Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nick Clegg calls for Speaker to resign

We had a clue about it earlier this week when Vince Cable told us to await a statement on the matter. Now Nick Clegg has had the balls to actually call for the speaker to stand down. According to the Guardian's report yesterday there is a growing Labour backbench feeling against the man, which is important. You only have to read of Heather Brooke's tale of the Speaker's resistance to releasing the expense details that he simply cannot preside over a clean-up.

George Foulkes was saying yesterday that Martin would stand down at the end of the Parliament - a move obviously ended to head off calls for his resignation now. But that simply isn't good enough. At this crucial time someone with a reforming mind is needed to chair the chamber. And that certainly isn't Michael Martin.

BBC report:

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has called on Commons Speaker Michael Martin to stand down, saying he has become an obstacle to much-needed reform of Parliament.
Mr Clegg said the Speaker should do the "decent thing" and step aside, saying he was not the "right man" for the job.
He criticised the Speaker for "dragging his feet" over the issue of MPs' expenses, causing such public anger.

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