Monday, May 11, 2009

A better class of expense claim

You've got to hand it to the Tories. They certainly have a higher class of expense claim.

Dear old Olly Letwin. £2145.55 for repairs to pipes under his tennis court. Bless him! And when pushed on this he blustered that the water company recommended the repairs. No word on whether the water company recommended he charge taxpayers for them.

Then there's dear dear Johnny Gummer. Those blessed moles get everywhere on one's garden. Jackdaws! What a pest they are! (Mind you, Alan Clark had one as a pet). Insects! Rodents! There's simply so much flora and fauna floating around one's estate that one simply has to charge the taxpayer £9,000 a year to exterminate it all.

Then there's dear little Alan Duncan's garden. And that bag of compost. And swimming pool repairs. It's all go in the world of the Tories.

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