Saturday, May 30, 2009

Britain's got talent 2009 winners - Diversity

The winner was: Diversity, which is very pleasing. They really are a great dance act. Their set tonight was fantastic.

Second was: Susan Boyle (she was very gracious, and thank goodness she wasn't beaten by another singer)

Third was: Julian Smith

We voted for Stavros Flatley, Diversity and Julian Smith.

Susan Boyle really socked it to them again. I think it was right to do the same song as she did for her debut in the heats. It really is a stonker.

Julian Smith, in a way, deserves it more than the others in that he seems to have a particular talent which will last. His tune tonight, Somewhere, sounded a little too "middle of the road". A bit musakish.

Stavros Flatley are exceptionally good. Their act per se is not particularly clever or brilliantly choreographed or comedic. But as a duo they just have great spirit. No wonder Freddy Flintoff was first in the queue to book him!

Diversity were exceptional tonight and in many ways are great standard bearers for modern Britain. A great act to show the Queen.

The website for the show is here.

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