Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moat claimer to stand down + has Esther sounded the political death knell for M Moran?

Douglas Hogg, the MP who claimed for, or rather, didn't positively exclude from a claim, the costs of clearing his moat has, announced that he won't be standing at the next election. Well, at least he caught the mood of the public - there have been thousands of guffaws about the moat clearing claim in the last week or so.

Esther Rantzen has said it is 80% likely that she stand against Margaret Moran in Luton South.

Ahem, Esther, dear. It might have been a good idea not to announce this until Ms Moran had been boxed in to stand in the seat. After your announcement, it now seems almost certain that Ms Moran will be ditched by Labour.

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