Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hurrah! - Backing for publicly owned MPs' accommodation

After posting twice about this, I'm very relieved to, at last, find some backing for publicly owned MPs' accommodation. A clear majority of the PoliticsHome panel have backed the proposal:

The solution to MPs' need for two homes if their constituency is outside London lies in adopting a model similar to the Swedish system, where a publicly owned and maintained house or flat is provided if necessary.

That's the view of of the PHI100, the UK's leading survey of political expert and inside opinion. A sixty eight per cent majority of the panel - which includes MPs and peers, senior journalists, party strategists and policy experts - call for a Swedish style system. That opinion is shared by the majority of both right- (eighty one percent) and left-leaning panellists (sixty seven percent). Most Liberal Democrat panellists (forty three percent) also take this stance.

Clear majorities of media panellists, strategists, and thought leaders back the Swedish system - but parliamentarians are split down the middle.

One objection I'd like to knock on the head is this: One LibDem MP is quoted as saying that there's no suitable building (except 'Wormwood Scrubs'). Der. It doesn't have to be one building! It can be a mix of accommodation spread over a relatively large area.

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