Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Message to Ming

Note: I wrote this comment just before news came through that Ming is to return some money.

I have commented on Ming Campbell's blog as follows:

I understand that you have not profited from the flat, which is rented. I also understand that this was within the letter of the rules and you have acted honourably. But some of the items claimed are of a luxury nature in most people’s language. For example:

“a new bed costing £1,024, Roman blinds worth £528.75 and five cushions costing £176.25. He topped off the claim with a £1,515 bill for decorating.He also claimed for four bedside shelves at a cost of £1,420, as well as an extension cable costing £66.90, a ‘loo brush’, black-out blinds, plus bulbs, a laundry basket and soap worth £272.86.”

You need to understand that ordinary people think it is absolutely unbelievable that you charge them for such exorbitant costs for simple items which you could get down the market in total for £200 - tops.

Therefore I plead with you to pay back the money for all the luxury items which I estimate at £3-5,000 to show that you recognise public anger on this matter and to reflect the new expenses regime which should be in place soon anyway.

You surely do not want to be remembered as the MP who dug his heels in over £5,000, do you?

I mean, you used to earn that sort of money just for standing up and saying “Good morning” in court!

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