Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joyous canvassing incidents

I have to force myself to type the word "meme". I can't stand the things. I have resisted many of them but the latest one from Stephen Tall enticed me.

Most joyous canvassing memory:

Canvassing in the 1993 Newbury by-election in Kintbury, I sent a colleague off to canvass a house where he had to walk past their front room to get to the front door. Anyway, he came back rather more quickly than expected. I asked him "What were they?". Shaking his head a little, he said respectfully and wistfully: "They were making love in the front room, so I didn't have the heart to knock on their door and disturb them."

Most canvassing joyous tale 2 :

Trevor Brown, an extinct Newbury councillor who is remarkably easy-going and mild-mannered, canvassed a self-confessed Tory who had a real go at him, shouting at him for several minutes about the "bloody liberals". Dear Trevor patiently took all this head on, raised his eyebrows, nodded politely and ummed and ahhed. After a few minutes the fellow exhausted his rantings and there was a pause. At that, Trevor said very mildly: "Well fuck off then", turned smartly on his heels and walked briskly off back down the path, leaving a somewhat frustrated Tory ex-ranter.

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