Saturday, May 30, 2009

Expensesgate: Liberal Democrats dwarfed by Labour and Conservative claims

I've gone through the Telegraph's summary of the MPs from the three main parties mentioned in their various dispatches on expenses over the last few weeks. In terms of the £ amount of the allegations, mentioned in the summaries, Labour are way out in front with the Conservatives just behind and the Liberal Democrats trailing way behind.

The average amount of the allegations for Labour MPs is £21,824.

The average amount of the allegations for Conservative MPs is £15,784.

The average amount of the allegations for Liberal Democrats MPs is £4,632.

It is a rather rough and ready exercise but gives us a feel for the sort of numbers which are being bandied about, split by party. I have only included figures mentioned in the Telegraph's summary. These included amounts claimed but not paid, and monthly amounts mentioned for mortgage payments. In some cases figures were not mentioned in the summary. I have ommitted MPs who were obviously being praised by the Telegraph. I have also avoided "judgments of Solomon" - so I have left in Alan Beith's amount, even though he seems to have explained it very well and I have left in Geoff Hoon's huge amount even though I am sure it could be deconstructed. I have made a judgment call on Jo Swinson because I know she didn't actually claim for the amounts the Telegraph imply she claimed - and please let me know if there is anyone else who comes under that banner.

I would also say that the Telegraph seem to have done a heck of a lot more work on Labour MPs than they have done on MPs from other parties. But that it is just a feeling I got from rattling through all the names.

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