Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freedom for prats!

For my sins, I regularly watch (and read the sub-titles of) the London BBC TV news at very close quarters. That's while I am doing my stint on the treadmill at lunch time.

Today I was treated to Boris Johnson being very dictatorial to the London Assembly in respect to MLA (Member of the London Assembly) Barmcake of the BNP.

Barmcake (aka Richard Barnbrook) was invited to the regular Queen's Garden Party as an assembly member. He's entitled to one guest. Anyone in their right minds who has a partner as beautiful as his partner, ballerina Simone Clarke, would take her - right? Wrong. Very perversely indeed, Barmcake is choosing to spend the afternoon with his party leader, Nick Griffin.

Boris says this is making a "political stunt" of the garden party. I say the more you call it a stunt, Boris, the more it will become one.

The BNP is a legal political party. Barmcake is an elected assembly member. He has the right to bring which ever guest he chooses to a garden party.

Let Barmcake and Griffin get on with it, say I. If they are so desperate for publicity that they do this - good luck to them.

I have always thought that the more the BNP are subject to the glare of the spotlight, the more ludicrous they appear. If people see the preening, twitching Griffin at the Garden Party they will see what a complete prat he is. Result. They will also see what a complete prat Barmcake is wanting to take his party leader to a party instead of his ballerina partner.

No doubt a lot of time is going to spent speculating as to whether Griffin would meet the Queen at this event. Don't be so daft. Most people see her from a distance of 300 yards at these events, enough to bow and scrape at her distant figure, and the Royal Family have 1000 years of experience at avoiding people they don't want to meet.

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