Monday, May 18, 2009

Change of address

At long last I have got round to doing something I have been meaning to do for ages, but was petrified of causing widespread discombobulation. I have changed the URL address of this blog to the, hopefully more simple, .


The blog will co-hosted on the old home at for three days and then there will be redirection from there to here.

If you have been so kind as to link to my site via your blogroll, I would be extremely grateful if you could update the link. Thank you very much indeed for linking to me.

Thank you very much for your continuing readership of my site and for the excellent comments which are being posted constantly. Thank you also for taking part in the polls.

I know it is a bit funny to thank a huge corporation but I'd like to thank Blogger/Google for continuing to have the excellent Blogger service and, particularly, for making it so easy to change domains.

I will now probably find that all my sidebar links become discombobulated, so apologies for this in advance - I will try to solve any problems as quickly as possible, as they arise.

Oh, and can I just mention that I will always continue to keep this a non-profit blog - so I will not allow adverts to earn myself 0.0000001 pence.

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