Monday, May 18, 2009

Put all MPs' seats up for reselection

I don't actually think any LibDem MP has done anything on expenses bad enough to be kicked out of the party. However, I think the only way to ensure that each LibDem MP is seen to go through a process of submitting herself or himself to the local party on the subject of expenses, is to simply open ALL LibDem-held Westminster seats for reselection.

This means that any MPs who have already been reselected to fight their seats at the next election, as the LibDem candidate, have their candidature rescinded. Their seat PPC vacancy should then be advertised to all comers. Then the MP should face a local party hustings facing some or no opposition in the form of other candidates. If there are no candidates, other than the MP, then there are two choices on the ballot paper: "MP xxxx and "Reopen nominations"" - the latter meaning that the whole contest should be started again to attract further candidates.

Those MPs who have been exemplary with their use of expenses can use this as an exercise to show the world how good they have been with the public purse. Those who have been named by the Telegraph can set the record straight and be cross-examined, as they should also be in a public meeting or meetings of constituents.

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