Thursday, May 21, 2009

The spiteful, childish mind of Gordon Brown

Consider this. Two Cabinet Ministers (A and B) didn't claim capital gains tax on their home sales. Gordon Brown says that's fine. "Not a problem" - were his exact words. And, indeed, Newsnight have obtained a guidance leaflet for ministers which says you can designate whichever home you feel like as your main homes - regardless of which one you designate under the MPs' ACA/Second homes allowance system.

So far so good.

But another Cabinet Minister (C) did exactly the same thing as A and B. C had to pay back the capital gains tax and apologise. Minister C's behaviour was described by the Prime Minister as "completely unacceptable".

So why the double standards by the Prime Minister?

Well, let's slot in the names, shall we? A and B are James Purnell and Geoff Hoon. C is Hazel Blears, Chimpmunk of this parish.

As far as I can make out, there is absolutely no difference in what Purnell, Hoon and Blears did, but the PM says the behaviour of Hoon and Purnell is "not a problem" while Blears' behaviour he calls "completely unacceptable".


So is this prejudice against Chipmunks? Or, perish the thought, a very perverse way of punishing Blears for speaking out ("You Tube if you want to") against Brown? Inside Brown, there is a very spiteful and childish mind. It's one thing getting revenge, but quite another doing it by varying standards dependent on who the subject is.

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