Monday, May 11, 2009

To the manor born

I am just loving all these expense claims revelations from Tory Grandees.

Cleaning a moat for Douglas Hogg! Classic! Oh, and tuning his piano and fixing his stable lights! And the "mole man" and bee removal! And £93.41 for tongs. And £200 a year for Aga maintenance.

Dear Michael Spicer! He needed his chandelier to be cleaned. So obviously, the taxpayer had to foot the bill.

But my favourite is Michael Spicer's claim for clearing the edge of his helipad! That takes the biscuit!

And the manure dumper has finally been named and shamed. David Heathcote-Amory. He claimed successfully for 550 bags of manure!

James Arbuthnot claimed for cleaning his swimming pool.

David Davis claimed £5700 for a new portico! A Portico!

Stewart Jackson claimed hundreds for work on his swimming room and summer house.

Stewart Jackson has said he will pay back the money for the swimming pool. That's how all MPs should behave if they have broken the spirit of the rules and claimed on frivilous or luxurious items.

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