Sunday, May 24, 2009

Journalists not declaring their interests

Pot/Kettle department. The Feral Beast column in the Independent on Sunday has run a couple of pieces highlighting Westminster lobby journalists who have failed to fully declare their interests, as they are required to do. Apparently, passes may be withdrawn....

Last week:

Much talk of MPs failing to declare their interests – but do parliamentary journalists?
In the latest Register of Journalists' Interests, Fraser Nelson declares himself as a commentator for The Spectator, forgetting his lucrative News of the World column; Andrew Neil, calls himself publisher of The Business, even though it no longer exists, and omits to mention his many other jobs; Andrew Gimson doesn't say he is Boris Johnson's biographer; Robin Oakley and Melissa Kite fail to declare their columns for The Spectator;...All are breaking parliamentary rules. Can't they get their house in order?

And this week:

After my revelation that several lobby journalists have failed to declare extra incomes on the register of parliamentary interests, the Commons registrar tells me the offence could lead to the withdrawal of their passes. None of those named and shamed last week, including Andrew Neil, Robin Oakley, Melissa Kite and Andrew Gimson, has yet corrected their entries, nor has any yet been punished.

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