Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Kennedy runs for Senate

Chris Kennedy, one of the sons of the late Robert Kennedy, is about to announce that he will run for the US Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama and currently held by the ill-fated Roland Burris. I am not going to make the mistake I made with Caroline Kennedy and pre-emptively gush. Chris Kennedy is a Chicago businessman (he is the President of a huge shopping mall/business centre) and has not inherited all the good looks of his father but has a remarkably prolific record of being active in local Illinois good causes. - Though he has no governance or public office record, or a background in law. But he does seem to be a good businessman, attracting lots of new business, creating jobs and getting "green" certification for his operations. He has been a political campaigner and fundraiser. He is not liked too much by local labor unions as he has confronted them regularly in the past - this may hinder his bid as Democrats traditionally rely on the labor unions for much of their support.

So we'll see. At least he is taking the election route rather than expecting to be handed the thing on a silver salver. So full marks to him for that!

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