Thursday, May 21, 2009

LibDem blogs

LibDem blogs is the cental pillar of the Lib Dem blogosphere. Its communual nature is emblematic of the LibDems. Everybody gets a fair whack and new blogs get the prominence they wouldn't otherwise achieve. Yes, I suppose I could create a Google reader list to track the blogs I want to view, but I would miss the new ones and interesting posts which pop up unexpectedly from some quarters.

Ryan Cullen has created an excellent, under-stated tool which sets the LibDem blogosphere apart from the other parties' efforts. Unfortunately, his platform has been struggling for a while so a new one is needed - which will cost a few pennies.

About 60% of the traffic to this site comes from LibDem Blogs or from the LibDem blogs potted list on LibDem Voice.

If you are a regular user of LibDem Blogs, please give generously to help get this vital tool up and running again.

Thank you.

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