Monday, May 25, 2009

Video: Andrew MacKay's Ceauşescu moment

From Get Bracknell, here's a video of Andrew MacKay's public meeting in Bracknell on Friday. It's marvellous to see democracy in action but this is not for the squeamish. What amazes me is that, after this monstering, Andrew MacKay had the brass neck to go out and tell the media that three-quarters of the meeting was with him.

Certainly the front three rows (which look as though they may well have been "packed" with the faithful) seem to just sit there, mostly with their arms folded, and don't clap the negative points (They do seem to clap the man who said "You've got balls to be here tonight" - which seems to be a bit of back-handed compliment). But the rest of the hall seems to hopping mad.

This reminds me a bit of Nicolae Ceauşescu's last public speech from his palace balcony. He carried gamely on while the crowd were angrily shouting at him. After a while, an aide speaks to him from behind the windows and eventually he is almost physically withdrawn from the balcony. The next thing the crowd see is a helicopter (carrying Ceauşescu) precipitously leaving from behind the palace.

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