Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The heavy stuff?

From tomorrow's Telegraph:

Elliot Morley claimed for a mortgage that didn't exist
Former Labour minister claimed parliamentary expenses of £16,000 for a mortgage which had already been paid off.

Fabian Hamilton overclaimed for mortgage while living with mother: MPs' expenses
Fabian Hamilton, a Labour MP, declared his mother’s London house as his main residence while over-charging the taxpayer by thousands of pounds for a mortgage on his family home in Leeds.

John Maples, the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, declared that a room in his private members’ club in Pall Mall, London, was his main home. This allowed him to spend money on his family’s Oxfordshire home.

Stephen Crabb, a Conservative MP, claimed his “main home” was a room in a flat rented by another MP, after buying a new house for his family in Wales and claiming £9,300 in stamp duty. He had previously “flipped” his second home to the family house from another London flat that was sold for a profit after more than £8,000 in taxpayer-funded refurbishments.

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